Hello, Spring Fling!

Embrace the magic of a colorful, action-packed season ahead…

Madcap Diary

  • Think Pink!

    Think Pink!

    See the world through rose-colored glasses and get ready to bloom in timeless style...

    Jason Oliver Nixon |

  • Quick Fixes For Your Home

    Quick Fixes For Your Home

    John and Jason Oliver offer up a few quick fixes to take your home from nice to knockout. Simple. Fresh. Easy. Have some fun and bring your storyline to life!

    Jason Oliver Nixon |

  • Happy (Frances) Valentine's Day!

    Happy (Frances) Valentine's Day!

    Friends: Ha, ha, no it’s not quite Valentine’s Day, but John and I are thinking back to the release of a recent Spring campaign for our friends at lifestyle brand Frances Valentine...

    Jason Oliver Nixon |

  • Legends of the Fall

    Legends of the Fall

    As you think about the holiday season—and perhaps you start to get nervous as you consider all of the work to be done—remember that quality is always better than quantity.

    Jason Oliver Nixon |