Quick Fixes For Your Home

Quick Fixes For Your Home

Jason Oliver Nixon |


John and I love offering up quick fixes to take your home from nice to knockout.

Here are a few favorite suggestions:

1.  Switch out the throw pillows on your sofa!

Take an old sofa and make it look brand new courtesy of wonderful throw pillows. For spring and summer, consider a kicky floral pattern that is fresh, fun, and timeless.

Madcap Cottage African Wax Print Pillows

2.  Bring the great outdoors within!

The Madcap Cottage gents are mad for the outdoors and love creating a conversation and dialogue between the within and without. And we are huge plants people and think the world would be a far better place if, to paraphrase Voltaire, we only cultivated our garden a bit more. Bring some exuberant houseplants into your home and let the indoor garden party commence.


3.  Switch out your lighting (or at least your bad bulbs)!

Lighting should be overhead as well as at eye level. Bring in some great table lamps—whether vintage or the Madcap Cottage range—to bring atmospheric lighting down from the ceiling. And be sure to get rid of bulbs that show off that harsh white lights. Lighting should be warm and inviting and make you look better—not worse!

Madcap Cottage Lighting

4.  Mix and mix your bedding!

Go through your linen closet and mix your bedding to create an environment that is absolutely bespoke and brilliant. Think floral pillowcases and quilt paired with solid-color sheets. You spend so much time in your bed, why not wake up to wonderful. And, no, that was not a question.

Madcap Cottage Bedding

5.  Layer-in decorative accessories!

Take a tired shelf or table and make it sing with wonderful accessories that deliver personality. Think of accessories as the jewelry in a room so these pieces need to deliver some wit and wonder. A pug sculpture, perhaps? Some vintage treasures. Souvenirs collected upon your travels…

Most importantly, have some fun!

Jason Oliver and John

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