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Legends of the Fall

Legends of the Fall

Jason Oliver Nixon |


John and I hope you have had a good look around the brand-new Madcap Cottage website, and, fingers crossed, you have loved the experience. For that’s what Madcap Cottage is, a lifestyle “experience,” an engaging brand that gives you the tools, the tricks, and the confidence to bring your own personal storyline—and adventure—to life.

We are thrilled to have you in the mix!


Madcap Cottage Holiday Gift Collection

More of More is Wonderful

Fall under the spell of Madcap Cottage holiday gifts!

Madcap Cottage has something for every person on your holiday gift list—whether the design aficionado, the ornaments collector, the inveterate traveler, or the glamorous gal on the go. So dive in… And bring the adventure home!


Holiday Takeaway Tips

As you think about the holiday season—and perhaps you start to get nervous as you consider all of the work to be done—remember that quality is always better than quantity. You don’t need multiple Christmas trees. Nor an exterior that calls to mind the Griswolds. Nor do you have to “wow” the relatives with your cooking.

Here are a few Madcap suggestions to keep your spirits up and your stress levels down:

  1. Develop a themed holiday menu and have friends and family each contribute a dish and have the turkey catered by Publix or similar and get the biscuits at Bojangles. John and I did a black-tie “Panic at a Sicilian Disco” for New Year’s a few years back, and everyone contributed a wonderful dish (burrata with tomatoes, lasagna, and boozey cookies) and we all got bombed and the guests didn’t go/stumble home until 4am.
  3. Make Cousin Eddie the bartender, develop a signature cocktail that isn’t complicated, and keep the liquor flowing.
  5. Have a disco party and create a knockout playlist. Family can work out their kinks as they boogey to K.C. & the Sunshine Band, Earth, Wind, & Fire, and Sophie Ellis-Bextor.
  7. Come up with a movie list that mixes old favorites such as “A Christmas Story” and “The Holiday” with unexpected choices that will surprise and delight.
  9. Break out granny’s china and mix her treasures with everyday pieces for a look that is beautiful but easy.

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This website is charming! What fun you must have with all your talent. I particularly adore
the dear pugs. We have Clementine “Clemmie”, Stella and India.

Deirdre LaMotte,

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