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Finding Inspiration!

Finding Inspiration!

Jason Oliver Nixon |


Happy Easter weekend! Any good plans in the works at this time of joy and rebirth? John and I will be in charming Pinehurst, North Carolina on Sunday for brunch at our most favorite Ironwood restaurant. A glass of wine and, voila!, bliss.

Folks often ask us where we find inspiration. And we say that humble pie. We are not the kind of designers that will ever say that we are "award winning" or "celebrated" in our bios, what crap.

But back to inspiration.

John and I look to vintage design books, novels, vintage movies, travel, food, restaurants, fashion, museums, and more when it comes to designing a new products range.

Says John, "It might be the opening sequence of a film such as Auntie Mame, a clothing line that was designed in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania in the 1970s, a novel by a Mitford sister, a walk with our pound-rescue pups, a bath, a Jayne Wrightsman interior, or a festive dinner in Stuart, Florida, our new most favorite place. We take all of these references, put them in a cocktail shaker, and shake, shake, shake. Watch the magic pour forth."

So there you go!

Find inspiration everywhere you go--and in everything you do!

Happy Easter.

Jason Oliver and John

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