Wallpaper & Your Decor: How-To!


John and I are mad, mad, mad for wallpaper, and you should be, too. Wallpaper is definitely back in a big way–and not that it ever really left. And remember: This is not your grandparents’ wallpaper that was difficult to hang–and even more difficult to take down.

New technologies–such as Sure Strip from our friends at York Wallcoverings–have made the new generation of wallpapers easy to hang and remove and have made a huge splash with folks who are renting their homes and apartments. Sure Strip won’t damage your walls–and most certainly won’t damage the relationship with your significant other when it comes time to play weekend warrior and you suggest hanging wallpaper.

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But how to choose a pattern that is just right for you and your home?

Let’s take a look at various wallpaper styles–think made-in-America Madcap Cottage papers from York Wallcoverings, specifically–that will help take a nice room and make it an absolute knockout.

StripeD WallPaper

Wallpaper delivers architecture to a room where, perhaps, there is none. And there’s no better paper to channel a traditional vibe with a bit of eternal summer-inspired whimsy. Striped wallpapers also deliver a strong vertical line that makes a room seem that much higher and much more open. Here, the Madcap Cottage Cabanarama wallpaper in various shades in the Opium Den at the House of Bedlam. We love how the Cabanarama paper features stripes of two different hues to add that extra something special. For a twist, hang this paper horizontally.

Lattice Wallpaper

If stripes aren’t your thing, consider a structured pattern such as lattice. When we created the Chez Bamboo lattice-pattern wallpaper for York, we were inspired by classic, lattice-draped Palm Beach and Caribbean homes that mix a dash of tropic-luxe with English wit. Lattice papers are timeless and work in any space–from bohemian and modern to eclectic and layered. Here, Chez Bamboo in four color ways revvs up the House of Bedlam living room.

Leaf-Patterned Wallpaper

Bring the great outdoors within courtesy of leaf-patterned wallpapers such as Bermuda Bay by Madcap Cottage for York Wallcoverings. Think instant tropical-inspired luxury that calls to mind the eternally chic Beverly Hills Hotel. And green is such an amazing neutral hue that will work with any decor. As John says, “Green works with any color in your garden. So bring that color inside and let your decor blossom.”

Floral Wallpaper

Florals are having a BIG moment in fashion–just check out the coverage from Milan Fashion Week. And yet florals are absolutely timeless and forever fresh and will never go out of style in a home. Here, the Madcap Cottage Isleboro wallpaper from York Wallcoverings that was inspired by glorious gardens on the coast of Maine, one of our favorite summertime escapes. Inviting, sun kissed, and smile inducing.

Toile WallPaper

Toile wallpapers can serve as a unifying backdrop to a room and capture a whimsical–yet wonderfully timeless–vibe. John painted the Into the Garden wallpaper from York to capture an English garden folly vibe paired with eclectic moments such as peacock and elephant topiaries.

Modern Scenic Wallpaper

Yes, Virginia, wallpaper can be absolutely modern. The Madcap Cottage Lake Agawam wallpaper channels a long weekend in Palm Springs, California mixed with a bit of Hamptons-inspired classic Americana. Relaxed, easy. Pictured here in the House of Bedlam living room, Lake Agawam works beautifully in modern bathrooms and kitchens and gives them a dimension that a white wall just wouldn’t deliver.

Novelty Wallpaper

Novelty wallpapers–such as Manor Born from Madcap Cottage for York Wallcoverings–can lend a dash of fun and spirited scape to any space. Manor Born showcases the Madcap passion for pound-rescue pugs such as Weenie, our scampish fawn gal who poses majestically in the foyer at our former cottage high in New York’s Catskill Mountains. Says John, “Pugs are the new llama.”

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