Madcap Cottage tabletop collection Into the English garden...

The Launch of the Madcap Cottage Tabletop Collection!

Into the English garden...
Madcap Cottage tabletop collection


Tabletop is here! Last week, John and I launched our first tabletop collection, English Garden, with the Certified International brand at Tabletop Market in Manhattan. And, happily, the response was absolutely great!

Whew, what an invigorating week, and not just because we were in NYC. The English Garden launch was the culmination of a lot of hard work.

If you think that creating such a collection is a cakewalk, think again. Based upon John’s original paintings and sketches, the English Garden collection took months and months and months of back and forth, revisions, additional drawings, detail analysis, and so much more. Happily, the creative team at Certified International–headed up by the wonderfully talented Linda O’Donnell–helped bring our vision to life with exuberant flair.

As you know, John and I are storytellers and always develop a backstory when crafting a collection to guide the vision. So here’s the storyline behind the English Garden collection.

Welcome to English Garden! Welcome to the green rolling hills of the English countryside. Stone cottages wrapped in roses punctuate the patchwork fields that sweep to the horizon. The sun shines brilliantly, and violet-blue corn flowers sway in the summer breeze. The garden gate opens, the crisp crunch of gravel, lavender beckons, crisp and clipped boxwood hedges shimmer in the dew, and delphiniums and hollyhock reach skywards. A dash of whimsy and a spirit of fun. Relaxed perfection rooted in history that celebrates each and every day.

-Dinner plates.

-Salad plates.


-Chip and dips.


-Soup tureens.

-Dog bowls! Yes, dog bowls.

And so much more, all packed with whimsical elegance that’s never fussy and can go as casual or as formal as you like. Think mix and match. An opportunity to create an absolutely fun table for any occasion.

Hitting stores in Spring 2020, so get ready ready! Watch the video, below, to see more…

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