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Ten Questions For… Maximalist Candy

By February 20, 2019Diary

Maximalist Candy is our new go-to source for all things maximal and marvelous.


This week we are kicking off our latest blog series, “Ten Questions For…” And, drumroll please, we are starting off with the fabulous folks at Maximalist Candy.

A few weeks back John and I started noticing amazing posts on Instagram from the mysteriously—and fabulously—monikered Maximalist Candy… The witty, inviting posts celebrated over-the-top home, fashion, and lifestyle finds and had a distinct voice and a wonderful, inviting point of view. Soon, the Maximalist team began introducing a series of contributors to the feed that were absolutely delicious and added yet another unique “take” to the Maximalist mix—from Scott Meacham Wood to Timothy Corrigan and The Marvelous Mrs. McCartney.

Naturally, the Madcaps are nuts for anything “Maximalist,” so we started paying more attention to Maximalist feed and we soon became smitten. Hence, we decided to reach out and find out more about what—and who—the Maximalist Candy team is all about.

The dashing Kurt Jacob Miller, Co-Founder of Maximalist Candy and all-around style-setting wit.

The very dapper Tim Scully, Co-Founder of Maximalist Candy.

MADCAP COTTAGE: Who are the folks behind Maximalist Candy? It all seems very mysterious, sort of like the phantom-like design aficionado behind The Old House Beautiful feed. Spill the tea!

MAXIMALIST CANDY: Hey, Madcaps! Maximalist Candy is Kurt Jacob Miller and Timothy Scully, and we founded the brand only a few weeks ago in January 2019. Kurt has an interior design and marketing background, and Tim comes from the e-commerce world and has a great eye for design. We are a Los Angeles-based company that connects interior designers and design aficionados with buyers and sellers of luxury designer goods—including clothing, jewelry, handbags, and furniture. The company is focused on that amazing international style of Maximalism and gives people the opportunity to shop original one-of-a-kind treasures that speak to a “more-is-more” aesthetic.  We always say. “It’s not done, till it’s overdone!”

MCC: And you only started a few weeks ago, wow! You have more followers on Instagram than us already—we are slightly jealous. What is the goal of Maximalist Candy?

MC:  We want to be THE global authority on Maximalist living. We are a lifestyle brand that speaks to a diverse and energetic Maximalist DNA, and we want to connect innovators, artists, and the design community.

MCC: What’s the appeal of Maximalism right now and why?

MC: Maximalism and the Maximalist look is huge right now—although we have always lived this way! We have been working on this project for almost 4 years, but we have spotted recent articles in the Wall Street Journal, Town & Country, and Veranda that discuss Maximalism as it relates to the design world. We feel that this movement is in direct relationship to the “gray-ing” of America that has been promoted by every major retailer. Fifty shades of gray and boring furnishings in anemic rooms… No thanks! Skip the kale and the phone-book thick catalog, and let’s bring back wild pattern and the Cobb Salad. It’s time to live life to the max.

MCC: Thought on minimalism?

MC: We love minimalism, as long as it is done in a maximalist way. Great pieces chosen carefully. Design doesn’t have to have mass amounts of icing on the cake to be interesting—although we do prefer a “layered” and “collected” look.

MCC: You are a sales channel, too, so tell us about the product you are selling.

MC: We have chosen specific designers and innovators who create or curate products that are fun, bold, and unique, and these products have to gel with our aesthetic. We focus on the following categories: home accessories, design and lifestyle books, fashion, jewelry, lighting, and tabletop.

MCC: You have selected a wonderful group of global ambassadors, and you keep adding to the mix. Who are these style arbiters, and what is their role?

MC: Our Contributing Editors are a handpicked group of tastemakers and design lovers from Palm Beach to Paris… Each is an expert in their field, and we rely on them for input on all matters of style and taste—from topics for blog postings to helping with a photoshoot or selecting products.

MCC: Who are Maximalist Candy style icons?

MC: So many! Sure, the late Lee and Jackie O… YSL, Coco Chanel, Tony Duquette, Hubert de Givenchy, Auntie Mame, Carol Channing… And quite a few living interior designers! Andy Warhol, Louis XVI, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Little Eddie Beal, and the list goes on…

The Maximalist Manhattan apartment of the late style setter Lee Radziwill, a Maximalist Candy (and Madcap Cottage) style icon.

MCC: What role do you see Instagram playing for the building of the Maximalist Candy brand?

MC: As Diana Vreeland said when asked by Jane Pauley about the importance of money. Diana answered, “VITAL, absolutely VITAL!” Instagram instantly connects us with people who “get it” and allows us to quickly connect to an audience of fellow creatives and manufacturers. One minute we are liking a post, and 15 minutes later we are having a phone conversation with the person who put that post out there. We feel that the abbreviation “IG” means Instant Gratification to visual people like ourselves. A picture is worth 1,000 words, or “likes” nowadays.

MCC: Will you all be launching Maximalist Candy activations?

MC: Yes, we have already been in discussions about pop-up shops and collaborations with designers.

MCC: Name five books currently on your bookshelf.

MC: Too many to mention, but Madcap Cottage’s “Prints Charming: Create Absolutely Beautiful Insteriors with Prints & Patterns” comes to mind, of course!

Make like Maximalist Candy, and grab a copy of our latest book, “Prints Charming: Create Absolutely Beautiful Interiors with Prints & Patterns.”

MCC: Well, flattery will get you everywhere! Wishing you boys heaps and heaps of success! Be sure the follow the Maximalist Candy IG account—we certainly are!

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