A Collector’s Eye is an invitation to far-flung worlds without the need for passport. The second Madcap Cottage introduction for Robert Allen @ Home pairs beautifully with the Into the Garden collection while moving the storyline forward. Inspired by the Madcap Cottage gents’ travels, A Collector’s Eye whisks you to India, Turkey, China, England, Manhattan, and the Caribbean and captures the long-lost glamour of travel.

The prints and patterns include bold florals, timeless motifs such as bamboo lattice, Chinoiserie scenics, cascading foliage, and motifs plucked from the Art Deco flourishes of New York’s eternally chic Chrysler Building, all gorgeously scaled for contemporary living. The collection layers beautifully with the Into the Garden color story while introducing new hues into the mix, including electric Marrakech Green, cool Cucumber, and succulent Strawberry.

Chez Bamboo

The beat of the drum. A cool castanet and an orchid perfuming the room, lazy days and a fan twirling slowly overhead. A bamboo grove casts shadows across the walls and a balmy breeze kicks up its tango. “Another gin Rickey,” purred Charles. “But, of course,” replied Gloria, her Helena Rubinstein Red Velvet lacquered nails tapping a staccato tattoo upon the console. A hushed din in the distance, the clatter of monkeys in the palms, and Eduardo crashed through the louvered doors, his hands full of hibiscus and his heart an invitation to a life of taboo.