Summer in Crete 2.5″ Tape Trim by the Yard | Southampton Pink

Summer in Crete 2.5″ Tape Trim by the Yard | Southampton Pink

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Summer in Crete Southampton Pink Tape Trim


Width: 2.5"

Use: Indoor/Outdoor

Fiber: Solution-Dyed Acrylic and Polyester

Rot, Mildew, and Fade Resistant

Made in the USA

Summer in Crete Southampton Pink Tape Trim

She skipped up the steps of the ancient Greek temple, a vision in decadent prints and patterns in a sea of tired white linen and cream of wheat. “If you’ve got it, you should flaunt it,” Granny had always said and Violet liked to listen to her elders. Her cousin Herald had suggested that she show him her bosoms once and a “little leg,” but she thought that that was perhaps advice better left unheeded. As she reached the temple’s voluminous terrace she peered into the twilight hour and saw him in the distance, a masculine mirage of pure virility in swarthy hues. She clutched her bag, enveloped in 2.5” made-in-America performance-yarn Summer in Crete trim, and curled her toes in anticipation. Indoor/outdoor use. Crafted of solution-dyed acrylic and polyester. Rot, mildew, and fade resistant. Welcome to the magical world of Madcap Cottage, a fantastical place where prints, patterns, and color take center stage and timeless, fresh designs are the brand standard. No trends here. Only exceptional, time-tested, delicious designs that nod to history with an eye that’s forever forward thinking. Form and function lavished with color—that’s the Madcap Cottage DNA. “Jason and I are storytellers,” notes John. “At Madcap Cottage, we craft spirited stories that bring our adventures to life. We create and curate products that are bespoke and beautiful—but also wonderfully livable, relaxed, and easy—and that capture a spirit of global-inspired elegance. From the moment you step inside the Madcap Cottage-designed world, you will quickly fall under the bespoke spell that perfectly captures a unique sensibility.” From fabric and wallpaper to lighting, rugs, accessories, and more, Madcap Cottage invites you into a world that is anything but beige. Bring the adventure home. As for Eunice, well, her adventures under the Heraklion sun were just beginning, and let’s leave those tales for the after-hours conversation, n’est-ce pas?






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