Drinks tables are the new orange…

John and I love drinks tables—aka, occasional tables—the small perches perfect for hosting a cocktail or a cup of coffee that can move around a room as needed. Frankly, folks just don’t use occasional tables enough—they should be home essentials, just like laundry soap and a stash of Prosecco and good candles. Drinks tables are not massively proportioned—rather petite marvels made for plunking down your Manhattan cocktail. Says John, “You can move them around easily and have a table wherever you need one without some hulking piece of furniture lingering about. And they are so glamorous.” Might we
recommend the Madcap Cottage for Port 68 James Crystal Table and James Goldleaf Table, both Hollywood-inspired drinks tables that are beautifully sophisticated and deliciously functional. Bring
the adventure home!

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