Madcap Inspiration: DJ Marjorie Gubelmann

High-flying social siren and DJ Marjorie Gubelmann, aka Mad Marj, travels the world spinning tunes for the likes of Bulgari, Tory Burch, and Dolce & Gabbana—dressed in killer designer duds and big jewels, natch. La Gubelmann has also spent much of her life on the magical isle of Palm Beach. Here, the style setter opens her little black book to a handful of her favorite PB finds.

This is my favorite restaurant in town. It is owned by my childhood friend Piper Quinn and is packed all year round because the food is absolutely delicious. The crowd is young and actually travels to eat there which is a good sign. Buccan is lively and always a good place to go for a fun night out. When I go to PB it is always my first stop!

Lotus Hair Studio
I have been fortunate to have had my hair and makeup done by many of the greatest professionals in the business. In Palm Beach, I am mad for Regian Roan Zapatier, the owner of Lotus Hair Studio. She runs a top-drawer operation of young stylists that can give any New York salon a run for their money. The old lady crash helmet is not happening here. They also do unbelievable makeup. This is important as most people think that outside of big cities this cannot be found… I am telling you those days are over. 

Lori Jayne
This is my favorite place to buy presents on the planet. Lori can monogram absolutely anything… linens, coasters, ice buckets, paper napkins, robes, playing cards… The list is endless. I think a personalized present is the best. Her shop became so successful it is now on two sides of the street filled with things that can be monogrammed. 

Tammy Fender
I am not the type to bang on and on about a facial, but I have never had anything like the experience at Tammy Fender. It is a small, truly magical oasis! You go into this cozy room and lie on this puffy amazing feather bed floating in comfort as your skin is cleaned and massaged like nothing you have ever had in your life. Whenever they say that time is over, I am absolutely devastated. There is nothing as relaxing and luxurious to me as their treatments. 

This sounds bizarre but I love going to Carvel on South Dixie in West Palm Beach with my Mom and son for some soft-serve ice cream sitting under their incredible night-blooming jasmine. It’s a very Florida “moment.” 

Situated right next to Buccan, this tiny sushi restaurant (with the same owner as Buccan) is fantastic. A+ food and you can sit at the bar if there are no tables. I love it here. 

C. Orrico
Owned by three sisters, this prints-packed store has been in PB since I was a kid (they now have seven stores!). C. Orrico features Lilly Pulitzer and other bright and sassy finds you might need for a PB fashion statement.

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