Into The Garden Collection

The Madcap Cottage gents are lucky enough to travel extensively and often, from India to Iowa and the south of France to Sarasota, Florida. As we planned our debut collection for Robert Allen @ Home, Into the Garden, we pulled out our watercolors and sketchbooks and took notes at great country homes and gardens around the world. We then worked with the dynamic design team at Robert Allen to turn our inspiration into a curated storyline that would bring a soup-to-nuts collection together—from hardworking basics to fantastic florals and go-go graphics, all rooted in tradition but with the spirited Madcap Cottage twist.

Notes John, “Our debut collection is spirited and fresh. We look to the past to move the needle forward. Our fabrics feel handcrafted and bespoke but are beautifully priced and accessible to all—both through design showrooms, fabric stores, and retail channels. Good design should be democratic.”

Beach Club: Amber
Beach Club: Azure
Beach Club: Celadon
Beach Club: Charcoal
Beach Club: Cream
Beach Club: Greystone
Beach Club: Indigo
Beach Club: Linen
Beach Club: Palm
Beach Club: Rhubarb
Beach Club: Twine
Bermuda Bay: Oyster
Bermuda Bay: Palm
Bermuda Bay: Pool
Brook Street: Indigo
Brook Street: Oyster
Cove End: Daffodil
Cove End: Indigo
Cove End: Oyster
Cove End: Palm
Cove End: Pool
Cove End: Rhubarb
Ditchley Park: Indigo
Ditchley Park: Rhubarb
Gem Palace: Indigo
Gem Palace: Palm
Gem Palace: Pool
Gem Palace: Rhubarb
Gem Palace: Sandstone
Isleboro Eve: Daffodil
Isleboro Eve: Oyster
Isleboro Eve: Pool
Lady Mendl: Indigo
Lady Mendl: Oyster
Lady Mendl: Rhubarb
Mill Reef: Indigo
Mill Reef: Palm
Mill Reef: Pool
Mill Reef: Rhubarb
Mirador Morn: Celadon
Mirador Morn: Lagoon
Mirador Morn: Oyster
Monsoon Palace: Daffodil
Monsoon Palace: Indigo
Rokeby Road: Delft
Rokeby Road: Lagoon
Rokeby Road: Oyster
Rokeby Road: Rhubarb
Tivoli Stripe: Indigo
Tivoli Stripe: Palm
Tivoli Stripe: Raspberry
Viva Acapulco: Indigo
Viva Acapulco: Palm
Viva Acapulco: Rhubarb
Windsor Park: Indigo
Windsor Park: Palm
Windy Corner: Indigo
Windy Corner: Oyster
Windy Corner: Rhubarb