Add a mirror, and watch your rooms shine…

John and I love to create inviting, sophisticated, fun spaces that seem to sparkle—rooms that capture the light during the day and then take on a magical glow once the sun goes down. A favorite trick of the trade to create this magic is to place table lamps in front of mirrors—much as candles were once placed in front of mirrors before the advent of electricity. The light from the table lamp is reflected in the mirror and adds further brilliance to a room. (Of course, we also like to add silvery wallpaper to a ceiling but that’s maybe a bit more advanced.) Place a fixture in front of a mirror as we did here with two vintage Chinoiserie table lamps in our former Brooklyn dining room, and watch the magic unfold.

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  1. M. Morales

    I think the floor steals the show! Fabulous – would love details on how it was accomplished and the inspiration for the design. It’s just lovely.


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