The Launch of A Collector’s Eye, Our 2nd Fabric Collection!


A Collector's Eye

Collection 2.0, A Collector’s Eye

February 20th, the Madcap Cottage gents’ second fabric collection for Robert Allen @ Home, A Collector’s Eye, launches at showrooms from coast to coast!

Wow, what a treat to craft 60 gorgeous SKUs that offer surprise and delight, that deliver magic at a very accessible price point, and that feel hand touched and special. Think patterns and bold colors, paired with exceptional linen slub neutrals.

Each piece in the new collection layers beautifully with the patterns in our debut offering, Into the Garden, so build upon the fabulous fabric foundation to craft a home that sings with style and bespoke brilliance.

Welcome to a brave new world, the Madcaps are storytellers, so here’s the inspiration behind our vision:

Adventure takes flight upon the road to Canton. A boatman crosses the river, and it’s a Technicolor dreamcoat adventure and fretwork and fabulous and eau de Nil-hued birds chirp in the violet hour. It’s a vintage Opium ad and Rupert Everett beckons, and all is well in the world.

Vintage embroidered pillows collected upon a trip to a fabled Irish castle estate inspire a wonderful “work with” pattern, and, yes, we will have another martini, olives on the side.

Settle into a banquette at a fabled Hollywood nightclub of yore, and hear Miss Peggy Lee croon an especially spirited rendition of “Fever.” What a delicious way to burn, n’est-ce pas?

The scent of magnolia in the air, Fracas upon the wrist, a candle fluttering in the garden on a cool February night and hello, Carmen Miranda, it’s all just a bit bananas, n’est-ce pas?

Stroll the streets of Venice, and get lost between Canareggio and the Arsenale: Soak up the sights, and take a seat canal side with a glass of Prosecco, the lilting of gondoliers in the distance offering up “Volare.”

We carry you to the fabled Cloud Club high atop the Chrysler Building and, yes, it’s Alaia, we transport you to the English countryside and especially favored country estates and verdant gardens such as Hidcote and Rousham (Hello, Angela, do take us upstairs!), and we traverse the byways of Beyoglu in Istanbul.

Hello, Mrs. C.Z. Guest, would you like a Southside, and where’s Babe Paley, Gloria Guinness kicks back in Balenciaga and Millicent is rocking out to remixes in Charles James gold lame and Doris Duke will take you to Shangri-La and how.

It’s Jamaica back in the day and Harbour Island, and don’t be late, dinner is at 10pm under the stars, and has anyone seen Slim Aarons?


We are in Palm Springs, and there’s Dolores Hope and Sunnylands is just grand and John Lautner just fell in the pool.

But this Pan Am Flight 001 is taking off, dear friends, so let’s wrap up this postcard. Wish you were here.

It’s a magic land where the elite meet to greet. Tall, tan, and terrific. Won’t you join us?

View the entire collection, and the story behind each of the exceptional fabrics here.

We hope you enjoy the new collection as much as we do!

To purchase the fabrics, find your nearest retailer and, be sure to send us photos of how you use A Collector’s Eye in your own home…

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