Our Design Style

If you want an interior that looks like a brand name, that’s not us. If you dream of a house that looks like a museum with spaces that are off limits and all-white living rooms that are only for special occasions, that’s not us either. But if you seek an interior that perfectly captures YOU–your brand, style, and sensibility, ring us up.


Create environments that are accessible, sophisticated, and—always, always—perfectly tailored to our clients’ wants and needs. Think bespoke: No two of our projects are anything alike, from top to toe. The Madcap gents craft living, breathing spaces that are exceptionally comfortable and anything but stuffy. If a room isn’t used—and often—that’s a sign of design gone wrong.

 The Madcaps cull inspiration from our travels, from books we read, from vintage films, and from our passion for adventure. We love pops of color and pattern; we are a little English in our quirky, witty sensibility but we also celebrate an easy-breezy American vibe; and we firmly believe in traditional with a twist, modern with a splash of the classic, an appreciation of history, and a celebration of a life well lived. Global. Glamorous. Exceptional details. Unexpected moments. A storyline captured and crystallized then brought to life.