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How To: Rugs, Rugs, Rugs!


At Madcap Cottage we think of the floor as the fifth wall–and the ceiling as the sixth. Hence, we were thrilled when we approached the incredible folks at Momeni about designing a rug collection and they agreed. What an amazing partnership! The Madcap Cottage for Momeni collection includes everything from natural-fiber options to all-weather, wool, cotton, and more. Plus, the collection is deliciously affordable AND accessible.

But how best to use rugs in your home…

For instance:

-Should dining chairs sit completely on the dining room rug or can they slide off?

-How much rug do I need in my living room?

-How much rug should extend around the perimeter of my bed?

-Can I use a scatter rug in my powder room?

-I have kids and dogs. What’s a great rug to use where there is a lot of traffic and kids scampering about with Rover?

So many great questions.

Here are some answers. And be sure to email your design dilemmas to us at [email protected] We love to hear from our friends!

And click here to view the entire Madcap Cottage for Momeni collection of rugs…

Scatter rugs

Scatter rugs are hot right now and work wonderfully in so many places in your home. We love to place scatter rugs in front of the kitchen sink and in a powder room, and they work so well at the top of the stairs. The Madcap “Get Smart” collection of rugs for Momeni was inspired by cheeky needlepoint pillows and offers great design that will truly put a smile upon your face. Plus, these scatter rugs are incredible well priced… So stock up. Above, the kitchen at the House of Bedlam, our High Point home, with the “More of More is Wonderful” scatter rug placed in front of the sink. Guests love this unexpected pop of whimsy, and the rug cheers us up when we have a boatload of dishes to wash.

Here, another use of a scatter rug–as a bold design statement in a corner of a room. The Madcap Cottage “Never Wilt” scatter rug brightens up a corner where perhaps a larger rug isn’t needed. Think about adding some drama with a kicky scatter rug at the top of the stairs or in a foyer.

all-Weather rugs

All-weather rugs are great in areas that are high traffic or in spots where dogs and kids like to scamper about. These rugs are also perfect on covered porches and patios. The Madcap Cottage all-weather rugs are crafted of hand-hooked polypropylene and can hold up to heaps of wear and tear. Plus, the rugs can be hosed down if needed. And not that we skimped on design in the name of function. John’s hand-painted floral, landscape, botanical patterns look amazing on these incredible rugs. Just ask Weenie, above, who perches upon the Windsor Park all-weather rug in the House of Bedlam living room.


Hallways are often overlooked when it comes to a holistic design vision, and John and I are not sure why… Pass-through spaces are just as important as, say, a living room or bedroom. A great option for a hall is a rug runner–but often runners are just plain boring. Turn to something with heaps of impact such as the Madcap Cottage collection, add some artwork and interesting lighting, and watch your hallway blossom forth.

low-Pile Rugs

John and I love to layer rugs on top of each other. Let’s say that you have a larger rug and a smaller: Put the two together, and watch the magic happen. Low-pile rugs really lend themselves to layering as they aren’t too thick. Why not pair a stripe and a graphic as we have, above.

Natural-Fiber Rugs

Natural-fiber rugs are fantastic for layering, too. Run a larger natural-fiber rug–such as a jute or seagrass–across a room, and layer a smaller patterned rug atop it. You might have spotted this look in English country homes, and the look lends itself to a relaxed, easy vibe. This treatment works wonderfully well in a living room and bedroom where you might not want a full pattern in the room but rather a punch of impact against a more neutral background.

P.S. A good rule of thumb of how much rug should extend around the perimeter of your bed? We like at least 18″.

Wool rugs

Wool rugs are super hardwearing and can add the right punch of pattern to a room. Here, Think of England, inspired by the iconic Union Jack flag and revved-up with flowers and plaids, and Isleboro Eve, a riot of geraniums seemingly plucked from a coastal Maine garden and bordered in a rich green hue that captures a summer eternal.

Plaid Rugs

Plaids–like animal prints and stripes–will work in any room. Trust us, they are the unifiers amongst various patterns. You can pair plaids with florals and plaids with geometrics, etc. and you won’t go wrong. The Madcap Cottage “A Scotch Please” rug comes in a rich gold hue and moody black and will add just the right amount of drama underfoot.

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