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“Furniture Geek”: A Star Turn on TV

By September 12, 2018Diary

John and I love doing TV and hope to one day have our own show—although we certainly aren’t getting any younger. We have been speaking to a few production teams of late, so stay tuned. We would want to create something “real,” not one of those “no budget and in ONLY 24 hours and you only see one room in the whole house and every project looks the same” unreality things. No way.

Meanwhile, we are continuing to build our reel with fun television projects that give us some on-brand airtime.

Hence, I was thrilled when the High Point-based Design Network team reached out to me last spring about a new show, “Furniture Geek,” that would debut in Fall 2018 contiguously with Fall High Point Market. Leslie Frye, the creative guru at The Design Network, and I chatted about the concept, and I loved it. I would be the host and the resident Geek. And I am such a Geek. But with plenty of Chic up my sleeves.

Hence, I asked if we could call the show, “The Geek of Chic,” but no go, I was told. Ah, well. “Furniture Geek” here we come!

We would film six episodes built around a theme that we would develop together, and we would offer history, anecdotes, tips, suggestions, and more—while also showcasing furnishings from Furnitureland South that would speak to the theme at hand.

Think Chinoiserie, shagreen, fretwork, cocktail tables, and more.

We built out the concept and spent a week filming at the Design Network studios on the Furnitureland South campus. We had fun, we worked really hard, we had lots of hair and makeup antics (“Um, these blu-ing eyedrops are amazing, and I love the shake-it-like-salt hair filler!”) and changes of clothes.

The Design Network team is so great, and the week passed by too quickly. We all learned a lot and ended each day with a spontaneous dance party.

Let’s just hope I look thin.

Stay tuned. “Furniture Geek” launches in October.

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