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Five Questions: Paige Minear, Southern style setter

By March 20, 2018Diary

Paige Minear

Five Questions: Paige Minear


John and I love meeting talented folks on Instagram who are the whole package–cool, smart, engaging, and, of course, color- and pattern-obsessed. Hence, we did a little dance when we came across Paige Minear, the visionary behind The Pink Clutch design blog, a few years back. This Atlanta resident (and Florida native, swoon!) is one to watch. But chances are, you are probably watching her already. If not, get to it.

Here’s more about this southern spitfire in her own words:

Paige Minear is the author, mother, and preppy creator behind the design blog The Pink Clutch.  Paige is known for her home full of color, Palm Beach style, and passion for antique treasures. With a love for all things design related, she writes five days a week allowing her readers to indulge in colorful posts and inspiration. Paige is a lover of a strong latte, champagne cocktails, a stack of magazines, crisp button downs, popped collars, a sweet treat, and a house full of fresh flowers and monogrammed linens. She can be seen most days in a gingham button down and pearls galore sporting leopard flats and ready for adventure. Paige lives in Atlanta with her husband and three kids.

MADCAP COTTAGE (MC): Tell us about The Pink Clutch and how you began your foray into the world of blogging. What was your goal when you launched the Pink Clutch?

PAIGE MINEAR (PM): I began writing the blog ten years ago when I had small children. Our middle child was born with a rare genetic duplication which affected a lot of his motor skills. At the age of six we were told he would need quite a lot of therapy in a short amount of time to reverse the issues before he was eight.  Since his diagnosis wasn’t covered by insurance, we were out of pocket for all of the expense of our four-day-a-week commitment. It was extremely hard on our budget–and my emotions as a mother determined to do all she could for her little one. At the time I owned a monogram business out of our house, and I was selling all kinds of cute monogram gifts. I started the blog for two reasons: 1. To showcase all of the items for sale and 2. as a creative outlet for me. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I dove in head first.

As the kids got older and my needs changed, the blog changed. It evolved from a mommy blog to more DIY and into the design and lifestyle blog it is today. It was an organic change often times when large gaps between posts existed. I would burn out on what I was doing, take a break, and come back with a new plan.  I have been blogging consistently five to six days a week for three years, and I couldn’t love it more. The blog inspires me to stretch myself and challenge myself and my readers to try new things, to live a joy filled life. and to add fancy to every single day!

MC: Facebook or Instagram or both? What do you use each channel for, and how do you target content to each channel?

PM: For me, definitely Instagram! I find I am drawn to the visual and love to follow along with feeds that inspire me. I have a number of people I check in with daily, and I love that it takes me just a moment to be caught up with their lives. I love sharing on Instagram because it is the closest to the blog for me. I share things that inspire me each morning as a “Inspiration du Jour.” I love that so many others connect with this idea and come to my feed looking for that morning post. For me, Facebook is a second post, something that is perfect to share so much more from the blog. I can carry on a larger conversation on Facebook which I love, and it is perfect for the followers who aren’t obsessed with Instagram like I am. I love the two channels for different reasons. Since Instagram is seen 10x more than Facebook, it is definitely where I start my day!

MC: Where do you find style inspiration? Favorite magazine?

PM: I literally find inspiration everywhere! Since I am a visual girl, I take snippets from so many places, so many of them I hold for later dates. I love Instagram and Pinterest, and I am a girl who finds so much joy in flipping through newly released magazines and design books! I only get a few magazines delivered to the house: House Beautiful, Veranda, and BH&G, and I can’t wait for them to arrive! I am the first in line at a new book release–books and magazines are so much fun for me. I would spend afternoons in the library after school in my elementary years and flipping through a book takes me back to those days of exploring so many fun areas as a young child.

MC: You grew up in Lakeland, Florida (P.S. This half of the Madcap duo hails from Tampa) and say that you live nine months of the year in flip-flops… How does that Florida sensibility spill into your life today? And how did growing up on the beach affect your color sensibility?

PM: I absolutely love my Florida roots! It is hard to be landlocked after spending every single Saturday at the beach as a child. I even chose UCF for its location which is why my first two years of school were not the best. I could leave campus and be sitting on Cocoa Beach in less than 40 minutes any given afternoon.  I can remember moving to Atlanta in the fall of 1993 and having to buy a winter coat for the first time, the cold fall and winter was so new to me. That first fall was almost magical with the incredible colors and the sound of the leaves rustling! As a Florida girl, I still wear flip flops every single day and think I always will, even wearing them at totally inappropriate times. So many things imprinted on me from my years in the warm, tropical weather and those things spill over into my daily life now. We always have citrus in the house, even when it isn’t in season. My grandfather owned a citrus harvest and hauling company and to this day I can identify the different types of oranges and tell you when they are in season. Our home is full of color, and it reminds me of so many houses I would see where color was aplenty. I would probably trade my Georgian home for a pink cinder-block home in a minute if it was an option! I am drawn to colors and porch living and alfresco dining even if it means I need a coat and a blanket.  It just feels like home to me.

MC: What’s next for you and The Pink Clutch? Where would you like to see The Clutch in five years?

 PM: First and foremost to keep inspiring others through daily posts. I love researching new things to share with others, I learn so much in the process. I am currently collecting silver for our youngest child, and I have learned so much about each piece and what they all mean. My goal is to continuing writing and adding more contributing to my repertoire. I am currently a contributor to The Southern C blog on a monthly basis with my “From The Desk of…” series, and I would like to expand this to other publications.  My goal is to have a regular piece in a national magazine. Writing isn’t something I thought I would do, but it has grown to be a passion of mine and I find it relaxing and inspiring. Keep your eyes out for a byline one day!

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