Five Questions for: Anne Rainey Rokahr, Owner, Trouvaille Home, Winston-Salem, NC


Every once in a while you stumble upon a small slice of wonderland, a magical place where everything is chic, gracious, gorgeous, and welcoming. Such was the case a few years back when John and I discovered Trouvaille Home, an incredible, beautifully curated home and design outpost in the heart of buzzy, fun Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

So who was the brains behind this world-class casbah of chic, John and I wondered. We finally met the grand poobah of panache herself Anne Rainey Rokahr, the owner of TH, and, naturally, we were instantly smitten and have become fast friends.

Anne Rainey Rokahr, the style siren behind Winston-Salem, North Carolina’s chic Trouvaille Home.

So what makes Trouvaille Home so exceptional? The mix, folks, the mix, the mix!

  • Vintage furnishings!
  • Gorgeous new finds!
  • Scintillating vignettes!
  • Surprise and delight!

Trouvaille Home offers the perfect pairing of old and new served up with gracious, just-right service. Plus, we are crazy for Anne’s dog, Henry, who is always holding court at Trouvaille Home, but that’s just an added bonus to the all-around chicté.

So how did the ravishing Madame Rokahr hone her spot-on sensibility?

Here’s Anne’s bio in her own words:

“After graduating from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in Virginia, Anne landed in NYC and began her career as a film and commercial producer in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Her documentaries and features have premiered and been nominated for awards at the Cannes, Tribeca, and Dubai International Film Festivals. Anne relocated to Dubai in 2006 as the Head of Production for film company Desert Door Productions. While in Dubai, Anne was voted one of Ahlan Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in Dubai.” Anne was also Agency Director of NYC Fashion and Beauty PR firm RED PR and named a top 25 Publicist by Women’s Wear Daily. Anne returned to her hometown of Winston-Salem, NC from Dubai in 2008 where she settled in working as a consultant for clients in NYC. In 2009 she purchased The Snob Shop, a high-end consignment boutique where she had once worked as a girl of 13. In 2014 Anne brought to fruition a longtime vision and passion by founding Trouvaille Home, an extraordinary interior design and home furnishings store in Winston-Salem, NC.”

So let’s learn a bit more about this peripatetic style maker:

The exterior of Trouvaille Home.

  1. MADCAP COTTAGE (MC): What sparked your passion for design? Did you rearrange your room as a child or teenager?

ANNE RAINEY ROKAHR (ARR): When I was around 7 or 8 years old my mother snuck into my room on Christmas Eve while I was sleeping. She somehow managed to put a new comforter and pillowcases on my bed and hung curtains that she had made out of a set of matching sheets. That Christmas morning—and that Springmaid riotous floral print—is etched in my memory. Waking up to a transformation of my little room was so magical. I think I’ve spent my life trying to recapture that feeling and deliver the same to my clients.

  1. MCC: You were in films for many years. How did that background shape your eventual foray into owning a home design store and crafting bespoke interiors?

ARR: Yes, my first career was as a commercial and film producer. I was always drawn to the art department. The way that a great Set Designer and Director of Photography can create such a depth of emotion with color, texture, and light—before the people, words, or music even come into play—is remarkably powerful. A well-designed room should evoke feelings the moment you enter. Creating an interior design shop in which every piece is selected and staged with the same level of passion and attention to detail was manifesting itself in my brain as early as I can remember. It took me years of experience, travel, living abroad, entertaining, historical reading, and conversation to develop the full vision and execution of the shop.

3. MC: Tell us about Trouvaille Home and the magical mix of new and old. What are you trying to accomplish at TH? What makes TH so unique and special?

The charming Henry, Trouvaille Home’s scampish mascot.

ARR: What makes Trouvaille special is the fact that every piece in the shop is selected by me. I only buy what I love, with no particular bent towards contemporary, antique, or mid-century. Each piece in the shop is inherently well proportioned and specific in its beauty. I sit in every piece of custom upholstery we consider to make sure it’s comfortable and functional. I don’t carry complete collections of new furniture, I carefully select my favorites. I never build a room or a setting from a neutral. I start with a spectacular piece and fill in the rest. The result is a pleasant tension between old and new, glamour and comfort, texture and form. It’s a complete departure from the pre-fabricated, neutral, and fearful design that unfortunately saturates the market currently. Plus, we serve champagne.

  1. MC: Favorite room?

ARR: My porch

MCC: Hotel?

ARR: Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf in Dubai

MCC: Cocktail?

ARR: Old Fashioned

MCC: Destination?

ARR: Any capital city in Europe

MCC: Favorite interior designer of the past?

ARR: Tony Duquette

  1. MCC: Describe your perfect room.

ARR: A giant parlor with tons of French doors leading to a slate garden area and a vista beyond. Sunny and bright during the day and moody incandescent lighting at night. Citrus trees by the windows in winter and a baronial fireplace.  Dedicated to entertaining friends and family. Tons of intimate, lush seating areas. Sparkle and gold. Antiques and family heirlooms. Hand-painted scenic wallpaper. No TV. And a fully stocked bar, of course.

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