Simple Way to Set The Perfect Dining Table

You are planning a festive dinner party to celebrate a friend’s birthday, but you don’t love the white-on-white plates that you use every day. No panache and pizzazz! But why go out and buy more dishware? No, no, here’s the solution: Granny left you her gorgeous heirloom china, and it’s just been sitting in your kitchen cabinet collecting dust for all these years. Why not break out those pattern-bedecked plates and chargers and have some fun mixing and matching. Pair your everyday china with the vintage pieces and watch the magic take hold. Mix and match your table linens, too, for an eclectic, collected look. Just be sure to toast Granny for her foresight!

Here, a table set for a festive dinner party at the House of Bedlam. Join the fun!

dinner party

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