Design: Fast, Fabulous, and Fun!


We hope you are having a great week! The Madcap Cottage gents are in Sarasota, Florida working on the overhaul of a mid-century ranch home as part of our “Fast and Fabulous” interior design program, a flexible program that allows for a design overhaul at a reasonable cost and fast-tracked time frame.

fast, fabulous, and fun design

The Madcap Cottage gents understand limited budgets and tight time constraints, so we have developed an interior design program that makes getting a piece of us easy…

Have you heard of this Madcap Cottage offering?!

No? Here’s an overview:

The “Fast and Fabulous” scheme allows us to create the home of your dreams from a distance, on a controlled budget, within a retail-ready framework, and on a narrow time frame.

Instead of meeting in person, we schedule a series of Skype calls and email questionnaires that will allow us to get inside your head to bring your design vision to life. You will need to be quite involved in the process and provide us with detailed measurements, etc. All items that we select will be retail available so that you can order furnishings, accessories, window treatments, etc. on your own.

The Timeline:

  1. Pre-Virtual Meeting #1
    1. You provide us with the following:
      1. Detailed measurements: we provide a template that delineates exactly what we need
      2. Description of a story line: i.e. How do you want the home to function and how do you see the home being used
      3. Design likes and dislikes
      4. Any inspiration pictures you want to share
      5. Overall budget broken down by category: from construction & finishing to furnishings
  2. Pre-Virtual Meeting #2
    1. We collect all information from Pre-Virtual Meeting #1 and send a package of inspiration interiors to you
    2. After you receive the package, you give us your feedback and comments
  3. Virtual Meeting #1
    1. We send a presentation with initial broad thoughts on the space and how it would be used
      1. This includes suggestions for:
        1. Wall treatments
        2. Lighting
        3. Other matters that impact construction, remodeling, and space planning
    2. We delve into furniture placement, but not specific pieces
    3. You give your thoughts and responses, and we discuss via Skype
  4. Virtual Meeting #2
    1. We present a final design plan using the information and discussion from Virtual Meeting #1
    2. You give your feedback and we cover one set of major changes/revisions
  5. Virtual Meeting #3
    1. We present any revisions, budget and numbers from the selections made from Virtual Meeting #2

Your final plan includes:

  • Specifications and pricing on all products
  • Ordering information on all products
  • Detailed drawings of each space based on client’s measurements
  • Detailed paint and finish plan

Are you ready to get fabulous fast?

Learn more about the Fast and Fabulous design program by emailing us at

We can’t wait to get started!

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