Create a Gallery Wall with Art

The Madcaps are mad for gallery-style displays of artwork, i.e. a mix of art of various mediums and sizes pulled together into a pleasing grouping that excites and engages. And, no, you cannot have enough gallery groupings—especially in a hallway.

Here, for example, a gallery wall in our former Brooklyn home: John and I transformed the second-floor hall from pass-through space into a gallery space in which to look and linger thanks to a floor-to-ceiling installation of vintage and antique prints, photographs, and a tea towel (yes, that is a framed tea towel from the coronation of
George V and Queen Mary in the center of the photo), all whimsically framed and matted. Note the grasscloth wallpaper which is the perfect neutral base upon which to hang art as it is very forgiving when it comes to errant nail holes. (Speaking of which, be sure to visit our previous Tip of the Week on using brown craft paper to arrange your artwork before breaking out the hammer!) And remember that art need not be expensive, and it need not come from a gallery. But it should mean something to
you, and it should contribute to both the look feel of a space. Have fun with your art arrangements and groupings and try a mix of frames with matting colors that pull their hues from the art at hand.

Do try this at home: Take an overlooked corner in your home and make it something special with a grouping of artwork that boasts mismatched frames and matting treatments. You will love the results!

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  1. maureen graham

    I just discovered you guys. My heart is racing! I found you through Lycette Needlepoint. I can’t wait to browse your website and most likely ask advice.
    Blessings and STay HOme


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