Celebrate the Pleasures of Round Tables

Let’s say you have a room with lots of angular furniture or a heavy traffic pattern that makes you walk around the furnishings with the possibility of knocking into them. Or the room has both issues at play! How to deal with such a situation? Turn to round tables to soften the room’s hard angles and allow for folks to walk smoothly through a room without banging into a sharp corner. Think round side tables. Round cocktail tables. Round center tables. And round nightstands. Case in point: Here’s the foyer at the House of Bedlam with its vintage round center table from Baker Furniture. John and I could have placed a square table in the room but the angles would have been clunky and visually jarring for folks walking from the front door to the living room, kitchen, or Opium Den—all spaces that radiate out from the central foyer. The round table, however, creates smooth sailing and is both visually appealing and traffic friendly. The same rules apply to a cocktail table. Why bang up your shins as you settle onto the sofa when you can have delicious rounded angles. Form and function—that’s how we like to roll. Do try this at home!

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