Behind the Scenes at HSN


John and I have just finished our three-show appearance at the HSN campus in St. Petersburg, Florida where we debuted our two new gorgeous bedding collections, Summer in Provence and Regent’s Park. Think sheets, quilts, decorative pillows, and more!




Guess which show was the most difficult?

Exclusive to HSN, our two collections were inspired by our far-flung adventures. Our goal was to bring the relaxed, layered magic of the South of France and the gorgeous, flower-filled gardens of London right into your own home, all sketched and hand painted by John. Stunning embroidery, cross stitching, quilting, dressmaker details including ruffled flanges and contrast welting, and printed sheets—all in 100% cotton for easy-breezy care—are signatures of the collections. Think you will find any of that in a department store? Good luck!

Be sure to check out the Madcap Cottage bedding selections on, and set sail for sizzle…

  • Whew, a 6am show is a killer because you have to arrive at 4am for hair and makeup and a meeting with your host, but it’s all worth it. Happily, Jason’s parents live in Tampa—just across the bay from HSN—so the early-morning drive to the studios was traffic free.

  • Time to steam in the clothes in our private green room. The green rooms at HSN are very comfortable and loaded with snacks, coffee machines, juice, and more.

  • We love the posters that line the hallways outside of the HSN studios. It really is fun at HSN.

  • Jason catches up on social media early morning in our green room, double fisting with his computer and iPhone. The TVs above Jason not only show the live HSN feed but also sales figures.

  • Here are portraits of the HSN hosts upon a wall outside the studios. The hosts are amazing and can multitask like nobody’s business.

  • Here’s John on the night before our on-air appearance when we did a walk-through of the Madcap Cottage set. The HSN set team is amazing!

  • Here’s John on the night before our on-air appearance when we did a walk-through of the Madcap Cottage set. The HSN set team is amazing!

  • And we are ready to go! Note the headboards covered in the Madcap Cottage for Robert Allen @Home fabric Cove End, also available at HSN.

  • Here’s Bed #2. And, yes, the window treatments are also part of the Madcap Cottage for HSN collection. One-stop shop!

  • Happy camper Amy Petunia laps up the brand-new Madcap Cottage for HSN goodness!

Crazy About Calico!


John and I are mad for Calico and their 60+ outposts that stretch from coast to coast. As a child down south, my mom and I would visit the local Calico (then officially known as Calico Corners) branch, and we would stock up on fabrics. As did John as a boy in the Midwest.

So the Madcap Cottage gents have a long, long history with Calico.

Fast forward to today, and we are thrilled to have partnered with Calico and have them showcase our Madcap Cottage for Robert Allen @Home fabrics collections, including Into the Garden and our just-released A Collector’s Eye. So you can find our fabrics everywhere from Birmingham, Alabama to Westport, Connecticut, Laguna Hills, California, and Wilmette, Illinois.

The Madcaps look to Calico as our mobile Madcap Cottage workroom, and we rely upon their talents for everything from recovering furniture to crafting completely bespoke window treatments, custom bedding, and gorgeous decorative pillows. The Calico crew can do it all, and they stand behind their creations 100%. And, should you not have an interior designer, you can also tap Calico’s in-home design teams to come into your home and transform it from nice to knockout.

“Good design should be available to all, “ says John. “Find our amazing, beautifully priced fabrics whether you have access to an interior designer or not. And chances are there is a Calico near where you live, so tap them for all of your home decorating needs. Exceptional product AND exceptional service. Sadly, that’s such a rarity today.”


So be sure to give Calico a look over. In this day and age when bespoke and special have largely flown out the window, Calico is a godsend.

Custom bedding for our client in Sarasota, absolutely! Calico has amazing bespoke bedding capabilities, so look to them for everything from bed skirts to bedspreads and comforters, pillow shams, and duvets.

Calico crafted panels from our Windy Corner pattern to replace the clunky closet doors in the Sarasota, Florida “Fast and Fabulous” project. We had the panels trimmed in our Cucumber-hued solid Linen Slub fabric to finish off the treatment with delicious dressmaker details.


The Madcaps have worked with the incredible team at the Calico outpost in Jason’s hometown of Tampa, Florida on numerous occasions, and each project has turned out swimmingly. Here we are with the outpost’s super manager Ginny VanOsdol, far right, and associate Kerry Henry, center, picking window hardware and Madcap Cottage fabrics for a design project in nearby Sarasota.

fun family room

A Window Into Our World

The Madcap Cottage gents are so lucky to have such amazing partners as we bring our branded product lines—literally, our babies—out into the world, from Robert Allen @Home to HSN and Smith + Noble. We love creating products that are available to ALL and not just to folks who are lucky enough to have interior designers or access to to-the-trade design centers.

That might be the Madcap Cottage bedding you spotted on HSN.

modern family room

Another view of the Family Room, still very much a work in progress.

Or our glorious Robert Allen @Home  fabric collections—Into the Garden and A Collector’s Eye—that you spotted at Calico outposts, among other fine retailers,  from coast to coast.

And how about the amazing Madcap window treatments that can be had courtesy of our friends at Smith + Noble!

And don’t think that we don’t use the products that we create in our own home, the House of Bedlam. Of course, we do, we do! The Madcaps develop products that we want and need and that we think fulfill a hole in the marketplace.

yellow curtains

We selected our Cove End fabric in jaunty Daffodil to bring a classic, but revved-up sensibility to the windows in the show house Family Room. The rich gray grosgrain trim is the perfect finishing detail to create bespoke-quality window treatments.

Again, good design should be available to all.

We love showcasing our partners in our far-flung projects, too, including the many show houses in which we have been lucky enough to participate. Last week, for instance, we installed the Madcap-designed Family Room at the DJF Builders Designer Show House in Raleigh, North Carolina that benefits the Boys & Girls Clubs and, of course, we asked S+N to craft the window treatments from our Robert Allen fabrics for the room.

Wow, the Madrid Medium Collection window hardware and single pleat curtain panels could not be more gorgeous or spot on. We love the details, such as the gray grosgrain ribbon tape treatment that we selected, and the finishing work that is just gorgeous.

So if you are looking for window treatments for your own home that are anything but beige and boring—from shades to curtain panels, valances, and cornices—consider the Madcap Cottage collection for Smith + Noble. The options are endless, and all you have to do is go online!

fun family room

And yet another view of the sun-kissed splendor of the Family Room. If you live in the area, be sure to come visit!

madcap cottage for smith & noble

Welcome to Madcap Cottage for Smith & Noble


madcap cottage for smith & noble

The Madcaps make their Smith & Noble debut in the Early Spring S&N catalogue. We are thrilled to be in the mix!

The Madcap Cottage gents are so excited to announce our latest partnership, a collaboration between the MCs and Smith & Noble, the forward-thinking window treatments vendor!

“There’s no better catalogue- and online-driven source than S&N,” says John. “We have received the Smith & Noble catalogue—and used their product—for years, so the fit is absolute perfection. We are very lucky to have new partners with such vision and reach.”

Browse the S&N collection of window treatments—from drapes and shades to blinds—and layer-in the Madcap Cottage assortment of fabrics from our Robert Allen @Home collection, from tropic-luxe Bermuda Bay to garden-plucked Isleboro Eve and India-inspired Monsoon Palace.

“We believe in the democratization of good design,” notes Jason Oliver. “Fabulous interior design should be available to all, whether you have access to an interior designer and design center or not. Smith & Noble is the perfect vehicle to give élan to your windows without the need to ever leave home. And at a wonderful, accessible price point to boot! Who needs brick and mortar in this day and age.”

So get ready to take those tired windows and make them tip-top terrific!

madcap cottage for Smith & Noble

Here’s John at the Smith & Noble HQ in Corona, California.

madcap cottage for smith & noble

Our Windy Corner pattern in Oyster becomes a loose, gorgeous shade crafted by Smith & Noble in the kitchen at our cozy cottage in upstate New York’s Catskill Mountains.

madcap cottage for smith & noble

Also at the Madcap Cottage cottage in upstate New York, window panels made of our Daffodil-hued Isleboro Eve fabric pattern with a rich teal-blue grosgrain trim. Thank you, Smith & Noble, for helping us craft such window treatment perfection!