Welcome to Our New Look!

Hello, friends!

John, the MC team, and I are thrilled to debut the relaunch of the Madcap Cottage website, packed with a spot-on ease of navigation and functionality.

But that’s only the beginning of this wonderful new adventure…

You will find new product categories on the site, too, such as Peel & Stick Wallpaper, Bedding, and more… And there will be loads of new product categories debuting over the next few months, too. And we have divided up the current product listings into categories to make finding, say, the perfect indoor/outdoor rug or blue-and-white fabric that much easier.

And ordering fabric and wallpaper samples is now super easy!

The Madcap Cottage Blog, Madcap Musings, returns after a long hiatus, and we can’t wait to offer the tips and tricks that we have learned over the years. Of course, we would love to hear topic ideas from you to help guide the journey.

Says John, “Welcome aboard! We can’t wait to help you take your home from nice to knockout. Join the community--there's lots of fun afoot at Madcap Cottage.”

So dive in and have some fun! Email us at hello@madcapcottage.com with your thoughts and suggestions… We love to hear from our friends in Madcap world.

And be sure to bring the adventure home!

Takeaway Tips

  1. Pair large-scale patterns with smaller scale to create a room that keeps the eye engaged. Only using large patterns or small patterns doesn’t create a space that keeps the eye engaged and moving across the room.
  1. Green is the new blue. As John Loecke likes to say, “If it works in your garden, it will work in your home.” So pair green with orange, green with pink, and green with yellow, and watch your rooms blossom.
  1. Trim can take a room from nice to wow-inducing knockout. And Madcap Cottage trims are crafted of performance yarns so they not only look amazing but boast hardwearing function. So bring on the bullion, the tape, the cording, and more.
  1. Pink is a neutral. Truly. Try it. You will thank us later.
  1. Paint your trim—aka moldings—anything but white. Blue. Yellow. Green. White trim is for amateurs.
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