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The Madcap Diary

Making good design available one blog post at a time.

Welcome to The Madcap Diary! Our goal is to carry you along upon the Madcap gents’ far-flung adventures, to introduce you to our favorite finds and most delicious discoveries, and to make good design available to all, regardless of whether you have a design center nearby or not.

We invite you to hop into our suitcase en route to northern India… We will road test our favorite retail-ready paints and compare marble versus quartz and discuss the pleasures of bespoke furnishings and why antiques and vintage finds are interior design essentials. We will dine out in Manhattan, sip cocktails in Palm Beach, cook dinner for friends in our hometown of High Point, North Carolina, and host an impromptu disco dance party under the stars. And that’s just scratching the surface…

Think of The Madcap Diary as an intimate dinner party where we all get to know each other over dirty vodka martinis and share salty stories… We look forward to you reaching out to us with your questions, queries, thoughts, impressions, likes, and dislikes. Join the conversation!


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Notes from the Grand Tour!

By | Diary

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Gang: John and I have just wrapped up a six-city speaking tour for the wonderful folks at Marketplace Events, a group that produces an international assortment of home shows. Chances are you have attended one of the MPE shows as the company produces 42 consumer home shows in the US,…

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Adventures in the Land of Hotels!

By | Diary


Gang: In the classic film “A Night at the Opera,” Groucho Marx picks up the phone, and the scenario goes something like this: Ring. Ring. “Room service? Send up a larger room.” And while the times have changed, hotel dilemmas most certainly have not. We have all booked hotel rooms…

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