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Black & White and Read All Over!

By December 28, 2018Diary


Happy holidays!

Any great stories from your Christmas adventures? John and I kicked back and relaxed–well, we don’t really know how to relax but we did see a few movies and tackled several organization projects at the House of Bedlam. The spice rack is in tip-top shape, the T-shirts have been bleached and laundered, and all clothing drawers have been overhauled.

And onto the next holiday…

What are your New Year’s plans? We plan to cook and drink heaps of Champagne before we take off for two months of heavy-duty travel–from trade shows to speaking engagements at various home shows around the country.

Speaking of homes, did you see the House of Bedlam in the lush pages of Aspire Design and Home magazine?

Here’s a sneak peek of the black-and-white feature.

Pick up a copy of the Winter 2018 issue of Aspire Design and Home magazine, and check out the House of Bedlam photographed in crisp, clear black and white.

Black-and-white photography is forgiving to the yet-to-be-renovated exterior of the House of Bedlam, our 1930s-era Regency-style High Point home.

Step into the House of Bedlam hand-painted foyer, and embrace a whimsical wonderland packed with sensorial delights.

The House of Bedlam living room with its hand-painted Gracie Studio wallpaper and whimsical Chinoiserie motifs.

There’s no happier room in the House of Bedlam than the kicky sun room. What do you think about the space in black and white?

Weenie and Amy Petunia kick back in style upon a vintage bench crafted by design legend Michael Taylor.

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  • Wendy says:

    I love the black and white! Love the sofa fabric.

    • Jason Nixon says:

      Thank you, Wendy! I plan to post almost the exact visuals in color in the next blog installment. Happy New Year!

  • Teresa Person says:

    Love your home… black and white doesn’t do it justice as it is so beautifully full of color… one of its greatest assets … the sun room is my favorite… I love the color green

    • Jason Nixon says:

      Thanks, Teresa! I will be posting the same room sin FULL COLOR in the next blog installment. You can compare and contrast. Happy New Year!

  • Patricia says:

    I would love to see it in living color!

  • Teresa Person says:

    I love your home… black and white does not do it justice as it is so beautifully full of color … one of its greatest assets.. the sunroom is my favorite… I love the color green

  • Cathy Weaver says:

    Always, ALWAYS include the pups in your photo shoots! Two questions… Is bleach enough for the t-shirts? Or do you have any secrets that magically revive them? And do you arrange your spices in alpha order?

    • Jason Nixon says:

      Happy New Year, dear Cathy! Sad that we haven’t crossed paths in ages. I am not a laundry expert, maybe turn to the Martha Stewart website. But the bleach did the trick for my slightly tatty T-shirts. Spices not in alpha order until we get custom drawer organizers made (and we have someone local who is fabulous and can do this if you need a name). xoxo

  • The black and white photography gives it a sort of 30s Hollywood sort of vibe. But what a pity to miss all of the wonderful colour. It’s all about colour and pattern, so black and white can never do it justice. Colour makes it all come alive. Congrats on the article, though.

    • Jason Nixon says:

      Hey, Cynthia! Thank you for all the love, you are so very kind on all the various media channels. I will post the same rooms in full color this week. Remember the Isaac Mizrahi movie “Unzipped” when the film goes from black and white to Technicolor. Mindblowing. Happy New Year!

      • Isaac used to live in my old neighbourhood in the West Village. Or did I live in his neighbourhood? Anyway, I used to see him around. Loved “Unzipped.” A couple of other movies went from black and white to colour, the most famous, of course, being Wizard of Oz, but Cliff Richards’ movie, Summer Holiday also did. Portrait of Jennie, Wings of Desire, Purple Rose of Cairo, and many more used both colour and black and white to great advantage. Happy New Year!

        • Jason Nixon says:

          Ah, West 12th Street? I lived on 12th at 7th for many years before moving to Jane Street and then uptown to Riverside Drive. Never saw “Summer Holiday.” Great list of films…

  • Anne Martin says:

    Your home is magnificent, John & Jason! Thank you for sharing to inspire folks worldwide. Your signature style smiles through every room.

  • A new POV! Love seeing the details in a new way. Look forward to seeing how you two will blast into 2019!!

  • Love the black and white! Happy New Year to the House of Bedlam!

  • Your home is so cozy and welcoming with amazing interest on every turn! I love love it and you guys amazing talent to bring the adventure home! Hope to see you at some of the markets!

    • Jason Nixon says:

      Happy New Year, dear Lori! We feel so lucky to have had you visit the House of Bedlam. Let’s cross paths again soon… xoxo

  • Lisa D. says:

    You guys are too much! The House of Bedlam – really? It looks more like the house of beautiful, colorful, joyful life. It’s just so fabulous. Please come to my house and do this! I’ve never heard of the magazine Aspire Design and Home, but will certainly pickup a copy.

    • Jason Nixon says:

      Thanks, Lisa! So kind… Be sure to follow our adventures on Instagram at @madcapcottage. Aspire magazine is relatively new but is producing great content. Happy New Year!

  • Karen says:

    Love the shiny ceiling in the living room.

    • Jason Nixon says:

      Fun, right? Wallpaper. We wanted to bring more light into the room and a silvery wallpaper on the ceiling fit the bill perfectly.

  • Nancy says:

    I am ready to see color as I love the colors that you use. Black and white is not for me.

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