Black-Painted Furniture Works Anywhere!

black-painted furniture

Using black as a design staple is a great design trick of the trade. Black-painted furniture works in any room and acts as a neutral color that has more depth and moodiness than, say, white. Often overlooked as too severe or overpowering black can actually help you anchor a space. Yes, truly. Take a look at the dining room at our former Brooklyn home, for instance, above, with its black- painted chest of drawers and hutch. The black adds a layer of “gravitas” against the heaps of color and pattern and bookends the space.

Let’s say you have a suite of dark-wood furniture—perhaps your aunt’s dark-wood bedroom set. Before you donate the pieces, why not paint the night tables black and leave the bed as it is. Add some fun sheets and a patterned duvet to freshen up the bed and take it from frumpy to fabulous lickety-split! And black-painted furniture will work in any décor scheme—from traditional to eclectic and modern and everything in between.


  1. Joanne Wiitala

    Thanks for the fun website and beautiful images! And thanks also for mentioning your rescue dogs! They’re the best.

  2. Laura Dohojda

    So happy I found you two! You’ve already helped me break out of my “safe” decorating zone! Thank you!


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