A Great Tip for Hanging Artwork

John and I love to hang artwork of all shapes and sizes upon our walls—whether Crayola drawings by our nephews and nieces or prints that we have collected upon our travels. But you might be scared of committing to a nail hole. Here’s a simple tip. Buy brown craft paper at your local hobby store and cut out shapes the sizes of the artwork that you are considering hanging. Place the various cutouts upon the wall with painter’s tape and move the cutouts around until you are happy with the arrangement (the painter’s tape won’t damage the walls). Then break out the tape measure and wonderful OOK nails (they leave a minimal footprint and are catered to specific weights) and get to nailing. It’s really easy and fun. Pictured, a client’s staircase in Manhattan where John and I
created a fun, engaging art display that added dimension and drama to a previously drab wall.

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  1. Anne Kutchmire

    Hello, Jason,

    Love everything here. So fun. Don’t know how I came across this site by so glad I did.

    By chance, was your mother, Lois? And did you go to SeaBorn School on Davis Islands in Tampa. If so. I sure do remember you as a small tot. Gorgeous child. My children went to school with you. They were only a year apart so I’m not sure which one, Leeanna or Caroline.

    Anne Kutchmire


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